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    Coaches will now register for carding through their clubs U.S. Soccer Connect system.

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    Coaches do not need to create a new account if they have already registered a child. The simplicity of U.S Soccer Connect allows families to have a single account to manage.

    Safe Sport - all coaches or team managers need to complete Safe Sport training. The link will be provided during registration or you can access it at any time on your member account listed as abuse prevention. Click on manage.

    Background checks - these are run automatically when registering as a coach. You will need to click on the link once you complete the registration page. If you miss this step you will need to contact Steve Wood at Ohio South to resend you a link.

    Photo ID - photo id is required to card you as a coach. Please upload a current picture. The photo should be a head shot only and resemble a drivers license photo.

    Concussion Certificate - Please upload a valid NFHS concussion certificate. These are good for 3 years. If you need to complete the course please visit

    Coach License - Your US Soccer coaching license will sync to your Stack account if you use the same email address when creating your U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center account. All MOSSL carded coaches will need a minimum Grass Roots license.

    What if I have an older licence (paper) and no U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC) account?

    Here's the process for uploading your license if you have already completed a course.

    If you don't have a paper or digital copy of your license, you will need it for the date it was assigned and the license number. If you have a copy of your license you can skip Step 1.

    STEP 1
    Here's the process to getting a copy of your license if needed:

    - Go to

    - Type in your username and password (if you don't remember what they are then go through the steps provided on the site to remind you what they are).

    - Once you're in the site, go to the section in the middle of the page labeled "Family Members" and you should see a blank card with your name above and some options below. Click on "print documents".

    - It should redirect you to another page. Once on that page, click the "license management cert." link. You obviously don't have to print the license, but a copy should pop up on your screen. Write down the "Issue Date", "License Number", and what license it is.

    Once you've completed all of that, you'll have to now input that data into the Digital Coaching Center:

    STEP 2
    - Go to

    - Create an account using the same email address that you used for the new US Soccer Stack System. This is extremely important!!

    - Once you create your account, go to your profile page. Scroll down until you see the section labeled "U.S. Soccer Coaching License". There you will have to input the license information that you should have from what you just pulled/your license copy.

    - After doing this it should say "License verification pending" in red inside the license section.

    It will take 1-2 days to show in system.